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(NSFW) Real boobs used in breast cancer awareness stunt

breasts, poster, pr, social media, marketing, stuntSpotted on the brilliant Copyranter, this effort by DDB ticks most of the marketing stunt boxes.

What you're looking at below, ladies and gentlemen, is a woman squeezing real life boobs, through what are essentially titty glory holes.

Created for the Associação da Luta Contra o Câncer (Associ

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ation for the Fight Against Cancer, translated), and implemented at Mozambique Fashion Week, the poster stunt was certainly eyecatching.

Every passing woman was given a brochure that said “Breast cancer is also real. Do the self-examination and protect yourself.”

breasts, ad

The Association also did this pretty gross ad in February, (text translates as: More than 80% of lumps are benign. Do not be afraid. Do a breast self-exam):


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