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Make YouTube videos Oscar-worthy with ‘The Artistifier’

Nicely timed to newsjack the Oscars, the team over at Urgent Genius launched a very clever app called 'The Artistifier' that enables users to turn any YouTube video into a black and white film, complete with captions and a jazzy soundtrack in the style of this year's biggest Oscar winning hit.

Your own end results might not all be Oscar worthy, but it is a lot of fun. My favourite so far is without a doubt this Ninja Monkey. Even if it is an Orangutan.


This is a great example of a playful news jacking opportunity and kudos to Urgent Genius for having fun with it.

Written by Louise Moran.


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Louise is a PR and Social Media Account Manager at Manifest London. She likes to rant about bad ads and ill advised PR attempts at and on Twitter @Elle_Emmm.

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