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Nice PR Campaign for Nivea France

Just spotted this PR stunt from Nivea France, it’s two weeks old but I thought I would share it with you anyway.

For the launch of their new anti-ageing cream, Nivea decided to follow a woman walking around Paris and film her reaction with hidden cameras when she realises that every man she walks passed is just attracted to her.

She doesn’t have a clue about what’s going to happen.

I really feel like

France is far behind England when it comes to creating amazing PR stunt campaigns, for whatever reason we are just not there yet! So it’s nice to see it happen.

P.S: No need to speak French to watch the video.

P.P.S: Or maybe a little bit at the end of the video. So FYI the last sentence means: “Wake up your wow factor with Nivea Q10”


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Lise Coatantiec is a French PR Executive at The CHA Group in Cheltenham. She has been living in England for almost 4 years now and is about to launch a blog where she will talk about her experience in England and how her lifestyle has changed since she moved on the British island.

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