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Puma’s innovative ‘world’s fastest purchase’ campaign saves shoppers thousands

To highlight their ‘super fast’ running shoes (and sponsorship of the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt) Puma came up with the idea to incentivise speedy shopping, in a Mexican campaign called ‘The World’s Fastest Purchase’.

As shoppers entered the store they were prompted to push a big red button. In doing so, a time stamped ticket was ejected. They then had to find what they wanted to buy and get to the checkout and press a second ‘finish’ button as quickly as possible in order to be eligible for a discount between 5-20% on their purchases, dependent on the length of time they took. Shoppers who took ten minutes to find what they were looking for were entitled to the 5% discount, while shoppers who pressed the second button within three minutes could get the full 20% off. The other discounts were as below.

This video is well worth watching, and shows a well-thought out and relevant brand campaign Puma should be proud of. According to the video, 118 people saved 63,700 pesos (just under £3,000/$5,000) in 372 minutes (just over six hours).

Source: DigitalBuzzBlog, tweeted by fellow Yeti Shannon Haigh

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