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A crown crust fit for a Queen- Pizza Hut send Jubilee-inspired pizzas to journalists

Pizza hut have been hand-delivering crown-shaped pizzas to journalists across London this afternoon.

The likes of Heat, Nuts, and Stylist Magazine have all received one of these mouth-wateringly GOOD looking pizzas.

(Yes, I’m jealous too.)

What a novel idea, and one that I’m sure has gone down a royal treat for all those that got to indulge.

You can check out the Pizza Hut Jubilee spoof here:

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Ellen Hammett has a strong interest in lifestyle, entertainment and social media. She graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA Hons Philosophy 2.1 in 2011. Since finishing university Ellen has interned for the likes of the Daily Mirror's Celebs on Sunday magazine, Top of the Pops magazine and House PR. Ellen was born and raised in Cambridge but is currently living and working in London as a junior news reporter.

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