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Pringles aim to beat Justin Bieber’s Guinness World Record for #armedforcesday

Yesterday, I arrived back in the office to find an oddly-shaped package from Hill + Knowlton Strategies.

Inside, I found a can of Pringles, and a printed press release, actually sent by post like off of the olden PR days. It’s heartening to know this still happens!

To celebrate Armed Forces Day tomorrow (30th June), Pringles is challenging Justin Bieber’s Guinness World Record, by attempting to record the ‘most widespread social network message in 24 hours’.

Currently, the record stands at 251,878 social media messages in 24 hours.

Pringles is urging members of the online public to show their support to the Armed Forces by posting this message on Twitter (or Facebook) tomorrow:

I’m saying thank you on #ArmedForcesDay. RT to show your supports and set a world record

The tie-in is that Pringles send more than half a million cans to the frontline every year.

The brand has also developed 500 exclusive Armed Forces themed cans depicting the Army, Navy and RAF that will be available at the official Armed Forces Day, which is being held in Plymouth this year (more information here).

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