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@theempty13 campaigns for discussion around mktg/comms/pr themes for 2013

This campaign likely resonates with PR Examples readers more than any other – the ultimate aim of the campaign is to create a cross-industry conversation with professionals, beginning with a debate about what 2013 holds for brands.

It aims to involve brand owners, advertisers, digital marketers, journalists, PR’s, agencies, and everyone involved in the marketing communications industry, in an attempt to shape 2013. has been set up where you can find opinion from industry pro’s in the form of blog posts and video content to encourage all relevant pro’s to ‘join in the debate’, or use the Twitter hashtag #empty13 .

“This has been a year of major national events. The Royal Wedding kicked off an 18-month extravaganza of pomp, patriotism and piggybacking, with the Diamond Jubilee, European Championships and the Olympics all providing significant occasions for brands to associate with.

So what’s on the agenda for 2013?

Not a lot. No major sporting events. No major cultural events. No extra bank holidays.

But for brands this could in fact be a welcome opportunity. It could be a breathing space for the industry to use its own creativity to fill 2013′s blank canvas.

2012′s myriad national events fostered a campaign-based approach to marketing, with brand activity peaking and troughing around these key moments.

2013 is going to be a test year. With no major events to hide behind, brands need to prove that they can create their own storylines to entertain and engage people who are always watching, always listening and always feeding back.

Removed from the shackles of reacting to predetermined events, the creative industries have a unique chance to help brands make 2013 their own.”

Involved Agency: Bite Communications

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Faye Oakey is a 2nd year PR student at Leeds Metropolitan University, who reads and contributes to to expand her knowledge of the industry and keep up to date with current trends. Faye's most notable PR experience is working as 'Curator of Good Noise' or officially 'Account Executive' at creative youth agency Two Birds One Stone for the majority of academic year 2011/12. She also has work experience in-house at Leeds Grand Theatre, Leeds Bradford International Airport and Voodoo Events.

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