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Every Little Helps: Tesco creates 1960s pop-up store

For this weekend’s Goodwood Revival Festival, superstore giant Tesco has created a 1960s pop-up store in Goodwood, Chichester.

tesco store

The Goodwood Revival is a three-day annual festival that celebrates the vintage cars and motorcycles. The Tesco store is modelled on the 1966 Brixton store. Customers will be able to browse the retro shelves in true 1960s style with the opportunity to purchase Marathon Bars and Opal Fruits. Who remembers those? Pretty sure my dad does…


This photo is a little misleading as the majority of the rest of the packets and cans are speculated to be empty… But you can expect to see handwritten signs, staff in period-style uniforms, and a vintage car park outside.

What’s even more exciting is that they accept clubcards. Everyone loves a good clubcard!

Anyone not in period costume or cars will not be allowed in the festival area, so if you’re planning on attending, make sure that you frock up and stock up!

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