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Red Stripe Spreads The Soul In East London

Just your average corner shop? Think again.

For the residents of East London, it was just a regular beer run to the off-license – but not tonight; because on this particular night, anyone who picked up a Red Stripe was in for a suprise.

As soon as they’d lifted a can from the fridge – slowly but surely – the whole store came to life to the tune of “A Message To You Rudy.” Boxes, bottles & brushes all ended up moving to the beat as the Jamaican lager spiced up the night for their customers. It’s great watch and adds to the portfolio of brands who’ve sought out to excite the mundane – and they’ve certainly succeeded in this case.

Check out the video below:

And if you want to know how they did it, here’s a behind the scenes look for the curious among you:

Involved agency: Taylor Herring (read all about this campaign here)

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Alex Judd is a Consultant at Fishburn. Always looking for the next big idea, he's a big supporter of Portsmouth F.C., all things HBO and is currently teaching himself to kick-turn in the pool.