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Around the World in 80 bricks…

Proving that everyone’s favourite toy are LEGO bricks, is a picture story from Bright PR to support the news that there is now 565 billion bricks in the world, so with the world population at 7.073 billion that is 80 bricks per person!

Duncan Titmarsh Certified LEGO Professional-1

To celebrate this Duncan Titchmarsh, the UK’s only Certified LEGO Professional (what a job) has created a series of exclusive items which he thinks some of our favourite celebrities would build, each out of 80 LEGO bricks.

They include a spectacular Victoria Beckham handbag…

Lego 8


And a pair of glasses for Alan Carr …

Lego 4



This picture story is a creative way to illustrate that LEGO is so popular that it is now 80 bricks per person and goes to show that a popular brand and an innovative set of pictures can get your story far and wide…

Source: The Metro 

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    not good in guild hauil it was rubish