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Coca-Cola's 'Small World' stunt invites Pakistanis and Indians to heal their strained relationship

Having only recently executed this heartwarming campaign helping Danes welcome loved ones back into the country at Copenhagen airport, Coke is back at it, with another feelgood activation, recorded in March, but uploaded yesterday.

Relations between Pakistan and India are strained. Everybody knows that. Normally – and quite rightly, given the sensitive issues – brands give situations like it a wide berth.

Not Coca-Cola, which, by installing a large 'Small World' vending machine with a camera and a large touchscreen on the front in busy shopping centres in both countries, brought Pakistanis and Indians together by encouraging residents of each country to

interact in real-time with each other.

The Pavlovian 'do a little dance together, get a free can of Coke' bit aside, it's a great campaign that shows a global market-leading company doing everything right to keep itself ahead of the pack.

coca-cola pakistan india small world machine

Source: Pegasus PR's Oliver Fileti

Involved agency: Leo Burnett (link to page about campaign)


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  • Claire

    Wow. Kudos to whoever sold that in to Coke. Actually felt quite emotional watching that.