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Pepsi dress as Coca-Cola for Halloween

In an inspired move from Pepsi, the drinks giant have issued an ad showing a Pepsi can dressed as Coca-Cola for Halloween.

Donned in a cape in Coke’s iconic red, and displaying the Coca-Cola logo, the ad was created by Belgium agency Buzz in a Box and cleverly utilises the fierce rivalry between the two to its advantage.



There’s nothing quite like brand rivalry, and Pepsi know how to play the game – the ad is cheeky but not overly offensive to its rivals, consolidating its image as a playful, fun brand. Good work Pepsi.

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Alex Mansell began her career in PR as an intern at WAA Agency in September 2012, where she is now an Account Manager. She graduated from Durham University with a degree in French in 2012, and is currently living with her twin sister (who is also in PR!) in Birmingham. Follow @Alex_Mansell on Twitter