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Powwownow to piggyback on ‘magic’ British Airways interactive billboard

If you spotted the British Airways ‘magic’ billboard (written up on PRexamples by Andrew Barratt), you’ll instantly recognise what Powwownow is doing with the below mock-up of an interactive ad it’s considering.

powwownow billboard

The conference call service is, I can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL (in short, I was emailed and told, as I’m sure others were – this is about as exciting a scoop as I’m likely to get, OKAY!?), looking into piggybacking on the particularly popular BA campaign, with a similar ad in or around Piccadilly Circus, home to the original (the video below has had 850,000 views on YouTube). I don’t know if the 48 character hashtag (20% of a tweet – I did the maths and everything) is that sticky, but it’s a nice relevant opportunity if it can be pulled together quickly enough. It’s also perhaps too early to tell whether the ad would simply point at every passing plane.

Branded3 didn’t mention the BA ad specifically, but you know, I made out the link myself. Jonathan Creek would be proud.

The original:

BA has certainly established ‘magic’ as the buzzword given the campaign is called ‘The Magic of Flying’, and the team were sure to point out its ad was a ‘first for UK advertising’, too. That said, the tech currently being looked into by Powwownow, according to this comment, ‘isn’t rocket science’ and is likely to use the data fed into the Flight Radar 24 app, or something similar:

powwownow comment

Involved agency: Branded3

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