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World’s Luckiest Pants produced by Fruit of the Loom

Clothing manufacturer Fruit of the Loom went to extreme lengths to  ‘produce 2000 pairs of legitimate luck.’  

The ‘Lucky Looms’ underwent a ‘luck infusion process’ to make sure they were the luckiest they could possibly be. This includes passing them via a wire through the world’s biggest horsehoe in Illinois,  rubbing them on lucky statues in Nevada, throwing pennies rubbed on the pants into a wishing well in Chinatown, LA and keeping them in abox with four leaf clovers in Alaska.


This makes quite a nice change from the usual world’s largest, world’s tallest, world’s smallest stories – I do love when brands claim to have the world’s best of something they can’t tangibly measure.


 Not sure how legit they are in terms of actually bringing luck but it can’t hurt to try – buy your own here

Agecny involved: Crispin Porter + Bogusky 

See how they were made here:

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