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Fun stunt offers the chance to win 1 Million Skittles delivered to your home

It’s the stuff of dreams, and so crazy that you just have to spread the word: Skittles is offering one lucky winner the chance to become a Skittles Millionaire – and have one million Skittles delivered directly to your home.

The ‘Get Skittles Rich’ campaign is based around video-sharing: participants must sign up to the microsite and share a video, which features a fictional cheesy spokesman named Danny Falcon.

The video shows Danny lounging around in his Skittle-filled mansion, languidly throwing Skittles at his friends and loving life in his Skittle filled pool. The deal is you collect virtual Skittles for every one of the shares that get watched, and the person at the top of the leaderboard on 10 December will be crowned the Skittles Millionaire.

This is a great campaign which communicates the brand’s key messages of quirkiness, randomness and fun – plus its design means that it utilises every opportunity to push the Skittles name out to thousands of people (just look how many times I’ve used the brand name in this post).

This is also a good example of effective digital PR, further evidence that (gulp) print/online coverage in national and regional papers is by no means the best measure of PR success.

The bad news, in case you wanted to enter, is that the campaign is only available in Canada.

Involved agency: BBDO Toronto

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