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Arsene Wenger mocked by Betfair after falling over

It’s bad enough falling over after your team lose 5-1 and being photgraphed on your bum, but a cheeky/mean betting company has further mocked Arsene Wenger at his home ground.

The Arsenal manager was caught on camera falling over at Liverpool’s Lime Street Station at the weekend, and Betfair’s PR peeps have taken it upon themselves to place several ‘caution’ signs around Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium and other places he might go, including the club’s Highbury House offices, and the local Arsenal Tube station.


Mocking high status figures in the football world is normally the domain of Paddy Power and Coral, so it’s not surprising that Betfair has also got on board in what has become a fool-proof crowd pleaser.

The story been covered by Metro (and enjoyed, no doubt, by Spurs fans).

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