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Seth & Riley’s Garage creates ‘genius’ ad. Kind of.

(Huge disclaimer…. I work for Carlsberg Group – the company behind the newly launched Seth & Riley’s Garage Hard Lemon Drink.)

Working for such a huge company (500 brands, hundreds of markets and tens of thousand employees), it’s not surprising, that very occasionally, I don’t know *everything* that’s happening with our brands…. So it was a great surprise this morning, that whilst scrolling through Twitter, I saw this:

Kind of Genius ad.

It was only after I clicked on it, that I realised it was one of ours! The newly launch Seth & Riley’s Garage.

The advert, which was placed in a Danish newspaper, was shared on social media immediately, and already, has enjoyed thousands of shares and positive comments.

The ad was created by Duval Guillaume, who are also behind the three films for Seth & Riley’s Garage which were released earlier this week*.

The communications campaign is centred around the tagline ‘Kind of genius. Kind of.’

*And before you ask, I did know about these…. ;-)

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Joanna Dring is the global brand PR manager for Carlsberg Group, and is based in Denmark. A former PR Week 29 under 29-er (the 30th birthday has now come and gone...), Joanna has worked in numerous in-house PR roles including other brewers, the motor industry and local government. Joanna lives in Copenhagen, once applied for Come Dine With Me and enjoys writing in the third person. Follow Joanna on Twitter

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