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World’s first driveable deckchair unveiled on Brighton Beach

The world’s first driveable deckchair has been unveiled on Brighton beach by car hire comparison site Holiday Autos.

Driveable deck chair 2

According to this piece on the Mail, the motor-powered ‘Ultimate Deck Chair’, designed by artist Solomon Rogers, comes complete with a self-adjusting GPS parasol, a boom box (HELLO 1990), bonnet-based sand pit and a refrigerated slushy machine.

All in all – a nice summery photo-led stunt and another addition to my PR Museum Artifact wishlist (I WILL make this happen one day, there’re far too many of these things languishing in tips the PR world over).

Involved agency: Hope & Glory PR

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  • Caspar 01

    Just needs an airhorn, a strobe and a bucket of slops and you’d have the most annoying vehicle ever built.