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Practicing English with “Hello Pizza”.


FCB Brasil was the Agency that created last year’s award winning campaign that had Brazilian students learning English by chatting with elderly people, and they have started with a follow-up stunt, within the “Speaking Exchange”  program.

This time around the new campaign titled “Hello Pizza”, replicates the model of real-time practice for Brazilian students learning to speak English, by having them taking pizza orders from people calling in from the US. North American customers when calling to order a pizza from Bella Vista Pizzeria (in Los Angeles), they’ll will be offered an option to get an additional discount by having the call taken by a Brazilian student. Once that option is selected, the call will be forward to classroom via an App, that will allow them to take the order. The student main challenge is to take the order and keep the conversation going for as long as possible without annoying the customer. The longer the call lasts, the bigger discount the customer will receive.

The campaign is still in early phase of implementation and conducted with students studying in advanced level at a CNA school in Sao Paulo, the plan is to expand the program to other schools within the same chain. These calls will happen twice a week at specific times during those days. The app used in this program can allow other restaurants venues to be included in it.

Involved Agency: FCB Brasil

Source: Meio e Mensagem

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