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Cheltenham Races PR stunts – Paddy Power out of the blocks with Putin and Trump on a horse

It’s Cheltenham Races this week.

For the uninitiated, the races is a festival in my home county of Gloucestershire where people drink overpriced Guinness (even if they hate it), wear their dad’s tweed jacket – or mum’s hat – and gamble on horses with names like ‘Steampunk Pussface’ or ‘Wangers and Mash’. Winners and losers alike then stumble off for a night out in Cheltenham, where seemingly every bar has transformed for the festival’s duration into a strip club.

And, for the first in my 29 year on the planet, I’m going to it with the guys at my agency, on Thursday. We’re very excited.

I enjoy the week traditionally because it’s when betting companies like to unveil weird and wonderful PR stunts.

Here’s the first I’ve seen today:

Yes, that is a prosthetic pairing of Trump and Putin, on a horse in central London.

Mischief merchant Paddy Power is behind the stunt.

It’s ‘to launch Cheltenham/Politics betting specials’, according to this tweet from involved agency Taylor Herring.

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