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New Marmite site analyses your face to determine whether you’re a lover or a hater

Last week, a story alleging that your love or hatred for Marmite is genetic did the rounds, and picked up a decent spread (sorry) of coverage as a result. Apparently, it was part of the brand’s new campaign, the Marmite Gene Project.

This week, the marketing released a micro-site dedicated to, again, using spurious purely-for-PR science to determine whether you’re a lover or a hater. You can’t deny the advertising message is front and centre, here.

The ‘TasteFace’ site asks that you make yourself some Marmite on toast, and records your face for 6 seconds while eating it. It gives you a percentage score, to tell you which camp you belong to, based on your ‘taste face’.

I’ve tried it a good few times, and it appears to pick up on obvious smiles and unhappy faces fairly well, using Microsoft’s Emotion API.

Don’t worry – you can still take the test even if you’re Marmite-less, or, as is no doubt hoped for from a data-grabbing marketing perspective, you can scroll down on the home page after the opening blurb to ask for a free sample.

Here’s a quick video about it from Katie Deighton at the Drum:

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Cheers to Matt Muir for sending this my way!

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