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Walkers threaten to ditch three of its most loved flavours!

In the last week Walkers has released its latest PR stunt claiming it is considering discontinuing three popular flavours – Salt and Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail and Smoky Bacon. Putting its fate in the hands of the British public, the company is asking people to ‘choose me or lose me?’ by voting for their favourite flavour in the new campaign. Each ‘British’ original flavour is being challenged by a new...

Boeing map out a shape of a plane over USA

This week American Aircraft manufacturing company Boeing created a plane in the sky to test out their new engines. Set up as an endurance test for the new Rolls- Royce engine, the testers got creative; marking out the shape of a Dreamliner (the name of the aircraft) above the USA. The 17 hour, 46 minute flight started August 2nd and ended the following day, taking off and landing at the Boeing Field- King County...

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