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A sweet (ahem) idea from the makers of Honey Nut Cheerios in Canada. It’s temporarily dropped its bee mascot from cereal boxes to raise awareness of a campaign to save the disappearing honey bee. The white space left in the shape of ‘Buzz’, the missing mascot, has got people and the media talking and signing up to receive packets of wild flower seeds from Cheerios to help the bees out. Not only...

‘Self parking chairs’ unveiled to promote Nissan’s parking assist technology

Clap your hands and all those untidy chairs ‘park’ themselves in this smart stunt, designed to promot Nissan’s parking assist technology. Wired notes that this is ‘clearly a publicity stunt’ as the chairs aren’t available anywhere, but no doubt it’s a good one. I wonder what else Nissan will auto park this year?

Virtual mobile phone that works in Minecraft

US mobile operator Verizon has launched the first ever smartphone that works inside Minecraft – the ridiculously popular video game. Players no longer need to leave the game to use their smartphone as the integration lets you do all manner of things – take a selfie, make a call, browse the net or even order a pizza. It was launched with popular Minecraft YouTubers to explain how it all works. I’ve...

International coalition launches clean energy campaign

The UN Climate Change Conference in Paris this December will see world leaders come together to agree a plan to address carbon emissions. The conference presents an opportunity for climate groups and other organisations to campaign for world leaders to support their causes, creating a crowded news market in the preceding months. The Global Apollo Program – a plan for internationally coordinated and publicly...