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Universities luring students to join courses through Snapchat!

With A level results out today, within the last week universities have been resorting to Snapchat and WhatsApp to try and get students to fill up courses during the ‘clearing’ process, with Administration staff even sending selfies to potential students. Why? In a bid to fill empty spaces on their courses the new campaign being done by universities, such as De Montfort and Staffordshire University,... makes pigs fly to promote new offer

Betting website,, has made pigs fly on Brighton beach to promote a new offer they’re running. OK, I may be exaggerating, they’ve attached (fake) pigs to drones and have been flying them over a promotional floor poster on Brighton beach today. Why? Well to get new customers of course, and to reflect the very narrow chances that either Brighton, Huddersfield or Newcastle will win the...

Boeing map out a shape of a plane over USA

This week American Aircraft manufacturing company Boeing created a plane in the sky to test out their new engines. Set up as an endurance test for the new Rolls- Royce engine, the testers got creative; marking out the shape of a Dreamliner (the name of the aircraft) above the USA. The 17 hour, 46 minute flight started August 2nd and ended the following day, taking off and landing at the Boeing Field- King County... opens pop-up 3D-printed dating shop in London

Online dating giant,, has opened a pop-up model dating shop in London today – and sadly, we don’t mean ‘model’ in a David Gandy kind of way! Men from the dating site have been 3D printed for the ‘Model Males’ shop in Marylebone for potential dates to browse (with a free glass of prosecco, obvs!). Information about each male is written on their packaging, while the...

Top 10 PR and marketing stunts and campaigns of July 2017

So, before we get onto the top stunts and campaigns, I’ve published a chapter from my best-selling book, Myths of PR, for free on Medium. It’s the final chapter, looking at the gender pay gap in PR. I’ll say no more about it here because it’s already a 25 minute read, according to Medium, but if you’re interested, you can read it and get a discount for the book heeere. Now,...

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